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Small group sizes facilitate an individual level of attention and hands-on training approach to maximize your workout

Our Training Method

The concept behind Fit to be Fab is to provide the best total-body workout program.  Each training session is equally split between weight training and cardiovascular exercise.  Although we combine a variety of training methods, we focus on functional training and HIIT [high intensity interval training] as cornerstones of our training method.  This approach, while delivering both fat and weight loss, allows trainers to focus on many necessary aspects of fitness such as balance, posture, stability and control.

Functional training does exactly what it says — it mirrors everyday actions like reaching, walking, carrying, lifting and bending so moving becomes that much easier. It’s all down to your body doing what it was meant to do using seven primal moves — push, pull, bend, twist, extend, lunge and squat. So, next time you stretch to charge your phone, bend to unload the laundry or carry a load of groceries to the car, you’re more flexible and less “creaky”.

When going through the strength and resistance exercises, we utilize free weights, kettlebells, TRX, medicine balls, bands, and body-weight exercises. Using a variety of equipment is essential to getting the highest amount of muscle stimulation while recruiting muscles from your entire body to achieve optimal training for a complete workout.


For the cardiovascular portion of our session, we utilize treadmills, elliptical trainers, bikes and rowing machines.  Your body needs to be pushed to see transformational changes.  Our highly experienced personal trainers lead every training session to challenge and motivate you while ensuring that you are safe and performing the exercises correctly.


Our training method is appropriate for clients of all ages and fitness levels.  Due to our small group sizes, our trainers are able to provide an individual level of attention for each client and make necessary adjustments or modifications as needed.

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