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At Fit to be Fab we help women achieve their health and fitness goals through a specially developed training program which includes weight training, cardiovascular training and nutrition coaching.  All of these services are delivered in an upscale boutique studio by a highly competent staff.  Our small group format lends itself to a safe and pleasant environment where trainers can effectively coach and motivate each client to their full capacity. 

Our training sessions  focus on developing core strength, endurance and flexibility along with HIIT cardio training routines to help ignite the fat burning process.   Our system covers all bases of total body conditioning, where personal trainers pay special attention to each client’s form, function and personal safety.  This system, which focuses on both fat and weight loss, is particularly effective when coupled with a nutritional component to provide our clients with lasting and effective weight loss results.  

Our Studio has the right mix of equipment and facilities to help you meet your goals.   From cardio and weight equipment to a changing room, we enable women to work together with our trainers in a safe and supportive environment.

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