• All sessions start promptly on the hour or 30 mins past the hour. Clients are encouraged to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to session start time.
  • Clients arriving either earlier or later than their scheduled appointment time may not be allowed to join the ongoing session.
  • All clients own their specific appointment times, but can make changes to their appointments using our online scheduling system. Access to this system is proprietary and is available only to active clients via desktop and mobile interfaces.
  • New appointments can be reserved up to 2 hours before the session start time, but no more than 7 days in advance.
  • Clients must cancel their appointments at least 6 hours before the appointment start time to preserve their appointment. No-shows or cancellations within less than 6 hours will result in a loss of that session.
  • Missed appointments must be made up before the package expiration date. Certain packages have an option of ‘vacation freeze’.
  • In the event of extended illness or injury which requires absence from the studio of one week or longer, accounts can be placed on “medical freeze”. A Doctor’s release will be required to resume training.