Our Team

Our trainers are highly skilled and able to work with clients of all ages and fitness levels.  Our small group approach allows them to focus on specific needs of each client and make necessary modifications as needed to their exercises.

Alla Wexler

Alla is not a typical Fitness Studio owner – she spent most of her adult life pursuing a career in Finance and Marketing at various Fortune 500 companies. She is not a certified Personal Trainer and doesn’t want to be. She prefers to surround herself with the best talent possible to help her accomplish her mission: Help women achieve health and fitness at any age through a well-defined, structured and consistent approach, which guarantees long-lasting results.

In today’s day and age women are so busy taking care of others that they don’t have the time or energy to take care of themselves. And with age, the lack of physical exercise combined with inadequate diets and slowing metabolisms are the biggest culprits leading to excess weight and declining health for many women. The mission of the studio is to help and support women in getting them out of the rut and back on the path to health.

Alla is the backbone of the Studio Operations and she loves it! It turns out that there are quite a lot of things that need to be done effectively and efficiently to ensure that clients have the best possible service and experience. When not working on ways to improve the studio and foster its community, you can find Alla on the floor, working out along with the clients, because she is also one of them!

Terahshea (TJ) McCray

Terahshea (TJ) has been a personal trainer since 1995. He holds multiple certifications and accreditations including NASM– Sports Fitness Specialist, NASM–Certified Personal Trainer, Apex Fit Pro-Nutrition, ACE-Clinical Exercise Specialist, Level 1 HLC-Holistic Lifestyle Coach, and AAHFRP-Medical Exercise Specialist.

TJ’s philosophy is “Being healthy and fit begins in the mind fueled by a heart with a burning passion for life.” While living in the Virgin Islands, the Rider University graduate drew from that background to write, produce and star in his own television fitness program. The popular show “Back 'n Shape With T,” aired throughout the United States Virgin Islands in St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. John, and Puerto Rico.

In addition to continuous work on his writing and producing projects, TJ trains private clients in the New York City and Princeton NJ areas. TJ is the proud father of three: Nadir, Elijah and Kyla. In addition to spending quality time with his children, TJ’s passions include bodybuilding, tennis, biking, skating, reading and watching classic films.

Trainer Ines Cavanagh IMG_5388

Ines Cavanagh

Ines embraced the world of fitness 10 years ago, when she felt she had to make a difference in her personal life. After much procrastination, she first decided to make a commitment to her personal changes by joining a gym and beginning to work with a personal trainer. After just 6 short weeks, when she began experiencing major improvements in energy and overall mood, she got hooked!

As time went on and she continued feel happier and healthier, she decided that fitness was her passion. She quit her lucrative corporate job and decided to follow her heart by helping other women discover the power of fitness for themselves.

Ines obtained her personal trainer certification and began her career as a trainer at a local Curves studio. She enjoys working with women because she feels that there is a special need among this population, especially as we mature and feel intimidated of going into the gyms on our own. Ines still continues to work with a personal trainer herself to keep herself committed to regular workouts, and brings her passion for fitness to our Studio. Ines strives “to create a training environment that not only motivates you to be a better wife, mother, daughter, grandmother but most importantly, a stronger WOMAN!”

Cheryl Kelly

Although Cheryl started teaching group fitness in college, she chose to pursue a corporate career after graduation. Once her kids were born and she wanted to have more flexibility with her schedule, she decided to switch gears literally and figuratively. Being a workout enthusiast and with her college fitness experience under her belt, a career in group fitness seemed a natural choice for her.

Cheryl obtained her certifications in personal training, group fitness, kickboxing and kid's fitness through AAAI and began teaching part time in various gyms. Most recently she also became certified in Tabata Bootcamp and PIYO. Cheryl brings with her over 30 years of experience in fitness and we are thrilled to have her as part of our team.

She is a high energy trainer who loves to exercise personally and enjoys helping others reach their fitness goals. She is very familiar with the specific needs of the women who are working hard to change their relationship with fitness. When not training or teaching, Cheryl is a very involved mom with her children's academic and athletic commitments.


Dennis earned a Bachelor of Science degree in PE/Health and has been a personal trainer since 1998. He holds multiple certifications and accreditations including NASM–Certified Personal Trainer as well as AAAI/ISMA. Dennis works as a full time physical education teacher in a private school in NJ, where he also coaches soccer, basketball, and baseball.

Dennis is a big believer in staying active and fit throughout your lifetime and stresses the importance of being consistent. “Everyone can find some form of exercise to do, even if life has thrown you a few challenges along the way”. In his free time, Dennis enjoys playing the guitar, cooking, and playing ice hockey, tennis and baseball.