If at First You Don’t Succeed…Change Things Up!

If you are not losing inches in the first four weeks of your fitness plan, you must make a drastic change. It is a fact that it’s hard to lose two pounds a week unless you are sticking to your nutrition plan, but if you are working out hard for a month, your body tends to lose inches even if you don’t lose weight; muscle tone itself makes you look leaner.

We had a client come to us weighing over 175lbs and after a month of her inconsistency with the diet she still weighed 175lbs, but she was leaner. Her first four weeks of training were challenging for her. She challenged herself on cardio, she challenged herself with the weight training, and she increased her protein up to 150 grams daily. She started with 37% body fat and four weeks later she was down to 33.5%. She went from 64.75lbs of fat down to 58.62lbs. She lost six pounds of fat and she looks leaner. The bottom line is if you are not losing inches in four weeks it’s time to change things.

  • Intensify your cardio. Go faster. Increase your resistance or incline. Sweat!
  • Cardio should be challenging. A leisure pace on cardio isn’t conducive to toning.
  • Make sure you are doing enough reps in your strength training cycle 12-15reps per set is a good enough range.
  • Ask you trainer if you need to add heavier weights. If you have bad form your trainer may advise against lifting heavier. There maybe times when you’re coasting through the strength training and you may need to challenge yourself.
  • You’ve got to get your body sweating!

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