Complimentary Session

The best way to experience our program is by scheduling a complimentary session at our Studio.  The purpose of such session is twofold: for you to experience the flow of our typical training session and for the trainer to get to know you. Although we are typically able to work with most clients that come to us, we reserve the right not to accept anyone into our Program if the trainer feels that the potential client does not meet certain requirements essential for our small group participation.  For this reason, we always require all potential clients to undergo through the initial complimentary training session.  

For your Complimentary Session:

  • Please arrive 15 mins before the scheduled time to fill out a health assessment form and receive a brief introduction to what you can expect during the session
  • Please wear sneakers and any loose clothing that you feel comfortable to workout in. We recommend layering, as you will get warmer during the session
  • After the session, you will meet with a Studio Manager or Assistant Manager to review your individual health assessment and discuss your personal goals
  • You should allocate approximately 60 to 90 minutes for the entire experience

Because of the high level of individual attention and additional resources required for each complimentary session, we schedule these appointments no more than 2 to 3 days in advance.  We ask that you clearly indicate your preferred days and times (i.e. early morning, mid morning, early evening, or late evening) on the request form.  Please note, the studio is closed every day between 12pm and 4pm and we do not conduct any complimentary sessions during that time.   

For any questions, please call 908-299-6925.