Small Group Training
and Nutrition for Women

Helping Women to Feel Stronger and Live Longer

Because it's Fab to be Fit
but it's hard to do it alone!

How We're Different

Goal Setting

We help you develop a realistic plan that will get you to your goals no matter how big or small. We have various program options available, but potential clients must be aware that it takes at least 6 to 8 weeks to see meaningful results of any consistent training regimen. For this reason, our standard packages range between 3 to 6 months long. For additional info click here.

Relationships and Support

All our training sessions are conducted by certified personal trainers in an intimate setting limited to up to five clients at a time. This structure is highly beneficial for two reasons: our trainers can provide high level of attention and support to each of the clients in the group, while the ladies build nurturing and supportive relationships with each other which makes that one hour of training go so much faster! Click here to see what our clients say...

A Dedication to Women

Our trainers understand the specific needs and challenges of female bodies, especially those changes that happen with age and over time. Our functional training approach, helps clients build strength and flexibility along with achieving fat and weight loss. We provide safe and effective training for women at any fitness level. For additional details about our Training method, click here.

A Schedule that Works for You

We have the most generous appointments availability in the industry. While most exercise studios or gyms run only about 6 to 8 appointments per day, we offer between 16 to 19 appointments each day (fewer on the weekends). We take the “no time to exercise” excuse from you and give you the help you need to get the healthy and fit body you deserve! For schedule info click here.